Christopher Medak Support Fund

An invitation to an afternoon fundraiser helping to bring Christopher back home to the Westside

June 2, 2018 at the Mystic Journey Gallery // 4pm – 6pm


Ten months ago, Christopher was in a body surfing accident that changed his life.
He’s been transitioning from hospitals to nursing homes, back to hospitals and intensive rehab. The last 3 months he’s been trapped in deepest darkest North Valley. He is now finally – with your help – going to be coming home west side.

Join Christopher and his incredibly extensive + eclectic LA friends and family on Saturday, June 2nd at the gorgeous Mystic Journey Gallery in Venice, CA.

For this party, we’re focusing on raising money to help Christopher move back to the West Side to rejoin his community, yoga and meditation sanghat. While also helping him manage his ongoing cost of care.

Join us!


From Christopher:
“I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have constantly shown daily, week after week, month after month, since I almost died In the ocean at Tower 28 in Santa Monica. You stood by mine and my family’s side, you laughed with us and encouraged us to make it every day. You have shown me how to love, live and dream once again.

Now I’m ready to come home amongst you all…

Thank you, my friends and Mystic Journey Gallery, for hosting this.

I love you all dearly.”