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Aquarian Sadhana

Date: January 8, 2017
Duration: 02:15:10

Sadhana means “daily practice”, may be any yogic/meditative practice you choose to do every day. Kundalini Yogis like to do an early morning Sadhana, typically from 4am to 6:30am. This time of the day, called the Amrit Vela, is particularly conducive to meditative practice. Yogi Bhajan prescribed the Aquarian Sadhana as a fundamental practice of Kundalini yoga, consisting of  three parts:

1. Recitation of Japji (sacred poem) (approximately 20 minutes)
2. Yoga set (20-40 minutes)
3. Meditation with chanting (62 minutes)

At RA MA Institute in Venice we have Sadhana every morning – we’ve filmed this session with Radhajeet so you may join us!

Tip for beginners:

Getting up at 4am to practice for 2.5 hrs may seem a little excessive! One suggestion that will allow you to easily benefit from this practice is to set your alarm for 4am, turn on the video, then go back to sleep – yes, you will benefit from this video while you are sleeping!