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Grounded Infinity

Amplify the experience of intuitive and angelic communication through kundalini yoga. Angel means messenger of God and their purpose is to help us experience more peace and flowing grace in our lives. Angels cannot intervene in our lives unless we ask because we have free will to choose between fear and love. Watch your engergetic vibration and how is the pattern of intelligence serving that. Yoga kriya to set firm foundation on earth in order to reach the subtle realm plus pranayam and meditation.

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  1. Azure Salver Snatam Kaur
  2. Hari Hari Har Joseph Michael Levry
  3. Hum Dum Hari Hari Mirabai Ceiba
  4. Wahe Guru Sat Nam Singh Kaur
  5. Fly Away Singh Kaur
  6. Har Har Mukande Singh Kaur
  7. Song of Bliss Singh Kaur