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Anti-Depression and Brain Synchrony

Date: September 23, 2016
Duration: 01:3012

“Life is a science of living.. and it’s a art of happiness.” – Yogi Bhajan.  In this yoga set you will apply the science of living – balancing the glands and strengthening the nerves – and the art of happiness – adjusting the neural patterns and brain chemistry – to activate yourself out of depression! Even in the most intense upheaval of life, depression does not need to be the normal go to experience.  Using the science of glandular balance and nerve strength, we can experience life with strength and victory, no matter what the climate.  This yoga class includes a meditation to sink you into deep radiance.


  1. Ik Ardas Wah
  2. Ik Ardas White Sun
  3. Narayan Chardikala Jatha
  4. The Blessing Singh Kaur & Kim Robertson