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Immense Grace – 11.11 Circumvent Force

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Date: November 11, 2016

The circumvent force can be metaphorically described as the energy it takes to move or rearrange elements in your aura. Your aura is like computer desktop.  On it are stored certain apps, programs or files.  It’s easy to click on a file you no longer want or need and drag it to the trash.  The same is true for your aura.  Only you don’t click and drag – you use the circumvent force.


“Circumvent force, which protects the body, whenever a psyche interlocks, look at as a people as magnetic psyche, a living vibrant star. That’s how it is. If you have that eye, that’s how you will look. In between the contract there is circumvent force, which overall keeps the orbit of every star out of clash normally. It is called the living impulse.” – Yogi Bhajan