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In the Morning of Springtime

Date: March 19, 2016
Duration: 2:28:15
Lunar Cycle

The best thing to do for your health is to increase the capacity of your nervous system. Nervous system needs to handle the upgrade of the sensitivity and energy on the planet right now and allows you to work the pranic force so that you choose where you want to go and what you will pay attention to. The leaders of the Aquarian Age are those who have found someway out of the forest of their own suffering Ð followed the breadcrumbs of their soul to the intuitive connection of all that is.

Kriyas, meditations, and gong relaxation for the spring equinox


  1. People of Love Snatam Kaur
  2. Prana Apana Simrit
  3. Tere Meher Da Bolanaa Snatam Kaur
  4. Flowers in the Rain Singh Kaur
  5. Tantric Har Simran Kaur