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Laya Yoga

Date: November 8, 2015
Duration: 1:29:09
Kriya: , ,

If there were no limitations to do what you could do Ð like when you were a kid dreaming of the futureÐ what would you do? What are you now seeking to do? Begin to look within yourself and discover what it is you truly are desiring to do, and what fears are preventing you from pursuing these dreams. Learn tools that will remove obstacles from keeping you from getting higher on your path and diverting you to old comfort zones. Peel back the layers of fears, and pour them into the practice, focusing instead on discipline, creativity and service Ð and watch the creativity support you.

ÒBy chasing that passion, creativity will support youÉ If you follow your passion I can assure that you will be in the realm of creativity. And then creativity can be used to serve others. If you find that purpose Ð all will change.Ó Ð Mikal Vega

Full yoga kriya set with 31 minute meditation and gong relaxation.