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Pre-Natal Squats – After 34 weeks

Date: March 3, 2017
Duration: 00:06:13

Pre-Natal Squats

Benefits: Lengthens and strengthens the pelvic floor, perineum, lower back, and many muscles used in birthing. Tones and stretches almost all muscles in your body, specifically the legs. Helps to release trauma. Promotes healthy digestion and builds confidence in your birthing ability.

Directions (more than 34 weeks pregnant):

Variation (>34 weeks OR breech):
Only do half squat.

Benefit: Will encourage baby to turn.

Mental Mantra: Head down. Back to belly. Chin to chest. Hands on lap. Umbilical cord floating freely.
Place tightly rolled (about half-way) sticky mat under heels of feet with toes firmly planted on ground. *Only squat as far down as you can. Listen to your body.*
Stand with feet parallel, hip-width apart and toes pointing forward.
(1) Inhale, sweep arms overhead, bring hands into prayer, and look up at hands.
(2) Exhale, begin bending knees with head centered, bring prayer hands  down the middle of your body towards as squat deepens. At lowest point, bring hands to ground, drop your head.
(3) Inhale, push up off the floor, lift hips, and slowly rise up
(4) Exhale, slowly roll your body up, head coming up last. Keep knees bent until head is up.
Recommendation: 15 squats per day