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Counting On You – #12 & #13

Date: August 12, 2018
Duration: 1:28:56

We conclude our “Counting On You” series with number Twelve, reflecting the rhythm of our life here on planet Earth defined by the hours in our day, months in our year, etc.

We also look at the number Thirteen, which is perhaps a less convenient number, but pre-existed our alignment to Twelves with a more accurate count of the number of moons in a year, and constellations in the zodiac, etc.  It is the reflection of the feminine (lunar) versus the masculine (solar) systems.  Both numbers reference the divine – one more by nature, the other more by man’s design.

We celebrate the Sun with the Surya Kriya, then work with a twelve stroke breath in the Chakra Praan pranayam meditation.

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