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Happy, Healthy, Holy Solstice Series – Beginnings (& Full Moon)

We begin our Solstice Series recognizing the enduring legacy of Yogi Bhajan who came to the U.S. and established 3HO fifty years ago this year.  His early sets were in direct response to the need he saw in the youth at the time.  They were seeking an experience of the divine through drugs and sex; he designed breathwork and kundalini yoga sets and meditations to bring them back into alignment with themselves and THE Divine.  They are potent and nuanced sets, full of a pure wisdom and energy carried with him from India.

Today’s class features some first hand accounts of his early adventures and teachings.  We also hear from early recordings of Yogi Bhajan about his perception of goodness, and how finding a balanced way of life is the path to happiness.

With the Full Sagittarius Moon in mind, we’re working with a Bridge Series kriya set that brings power the heart, and a Laya Yoga Meditation in which we merge with the sound current and radiate & expand our heart out into the world.

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