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Happy, Healthy, Holy Solstice Series – Breath

Date: June 18, 2019
Duration: 1:24:18

We continue with our Solstice Series featuring the kriyas, meditations and wisdom from Yogi Bhajan in his earliest years here (50 years ago).  Today, we’re focusing on the breath, which was a primary teaching of Yogi Bhajan.  Being present in the breath gives us control of ourselves and our prana – intelligent energy.

Key statistics from Yogi Bhajan:  we typically breathe 16 times per minute.  When we slow that to 8 times per minute, we are near God; four times per minute, and we are the perfect image of god; one time per minute and we become the living God.  Also, people tend to breathe to a lung capacity of around 300 cc, when we are capable of upwards of 1800 cc.  Lungs are the biggest organ in our entire body; doing the most important work – cleaning the blood, thinning it so it can get into the smallest arteries and capillaries.

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