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Eclipse Eve

Date: July 12, 2018
Duration: 1:35:19
Lunar Cycle ,

It’s the evening before the first eclipse of Eclipse Season, and we’re talking about the implications of the day and the season.

An eclipse is when the two brightest lights (or lumieres) in the sky cancel each other out, as though lights being turned off.  The opportunity comes in what might happen when the lights come back on.  What might we change?  We are invited to answer for ourselves how we might re-envision a better, fuller, happier life.

We talk about the influences of Pluto and the fixed star Castor, both of which are bringing up some fear energies with this eclipse.  We also note how we might be more conscious of our own energies as well as the transference of energy from (and to) those around us.  And we provide some tools to help you sail as smoothly as possible through the effects of this and the rest of Eclipse Season.

Recognizing the pull on our lymphatic system, we do a kriya set to give us a yogic massage, then meditate on clearing the stress and emotions of the past to free us to ride the eclipse wave into a new future.

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