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Counting On You – #8 + Lion’s Gate

Date: August 8, 2018
Duration: 1:28:22
Kriya: ,
Lunar Cycle

Our “Counting On You” series continues with the number Eight.  It’s also Lion’s Gate (8.8.18).  Archetypically, the number Eight is about bringing heaven and Earth together.  It is believed in many cultures to be a number of fortune and prosperity.  It relates to our Eighth Body, the Pranic Body.

Lion’s Gate is an astrological alignment of Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) and our Sun that creates a great vortex of energy that aligns with the galactic center.  It is recognized on 8.8 because of the fortunate aspect we recognize in the aspect of the numbers of the day, and the alignment of heaven and Earth in the numeric symbol.

We work with breath and Lion energy with the Breath of Fire with Lion’s Paws, followed by a set for our hearts, before aligning with the light energy of the cosmos in the Rising Star Meditation.

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