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The eQ – EQ

Date: September 26, 2018
Duration: 1:33:35
Meditation ,

With the Equinox as inspiration, we begin a series called “The eQ”, looking at eQ words that recognize the duality and polarity of things, and how we bring them into balance.

Today, we begin with our EQ, or Emotional Quotient, the companion of our IQ.  We also look at the astrological effects of the Sun shining on Chiron in square to Saturn and Vesta, which provides an opportunity to do some healing work on ourselves in order to set our own spiritual practice on a better foundation.

Being too locked into routine can numb us and stifle our practice, inhibiting our growth, just as not having a regular practice can keep us from the benefits we know are available to us.  It is important that we stay flexible and aware enough to know how we might re-adjust and re-lay that foundation so that our practice can evolve and support our growth.

Our kriya set will help us with flexibility and restructuring as we adjust our upper body; then we’ll work with one of two pranayama that help us to balance our sun or moon energies.

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