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Winter Solstice Workshop with Harmanjot

Date: December 21, 2016
Duration: 01:21:16
Lunar Cycle

Winter is not cold.
Not if you are bold.
Come and experience spirituality.
This is the period for planning your prosperity.
You’ve been dealing with this surge.
Now you need the courage
To enter reality.
Don’t miss it.
Kiss it.
It is a great opportunity.
It is our family union and spiritual communion.
Come you all, bring the children by.
Bring them out of the cold and clouds
To enjoy the sunny sky.
I shall see you there.
We’ll make it a beautiful family fair!
Please come and bring the young ones.
This is where the future begins.
Let us meet heart to heart so the family can sing the glory of God.
And experience ecstasy, reality, infinity, and future prosperity.

– Yogi Bhajan