Fortifying Foundation: A Somatic Breathwork Journey with Stacy Matulis – Part 1 – Workshop


In this workshop, we will discuss groundbreaking nutrition essentials, self-care, and back to nature basics. Renature your system. This segment of the yearlong series will make simple the essential nutritional and lifestyle building blocks to give your organs, tissue, fascia, and nervous system the ingredients it needs to heal, and thrive. Stacy and special guest teacher and medicine man Eric Wallace will share the key info, meditations, and practices you need to nourish the soil of your system to optimally uptake the upcoming workshops and upregulate your internal environment for your personal well being and mission. Increase energy, vitality, and grounded connection.

*This workshop is part of the Awakening Protocol Series, a year-long study designed by Stacy Matulis to address the different aspects of the mind, body, and spirit that need to be supported and actualized on the Journey into awakening.