The Kundalini Yoga Starter Pack

$100.00 $59.99

If you’re ready to start your RA MA TV journey this year, this is your bundle. Complete with our most memorable classes, workshops and all-star teachers, this bundle will keep you buzzing all year long.


Invincible Living with Guru Jagat

A Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Experience with tools from the bestselling book Invincible Living to live your most creative, intelligent and supercharged life.

Guru Jagat Takes The Stage At RA MA New York

Guru Jagat's very first class at RA MA New York.

Magnetic Magnetism: New Moon In Scorpio With Guru Jagat

Enter the portal of Mastery and Initiation using the power of the alchemical Scorpio. In this 2.5 hour workshop with Guru Jagat, you'll be working with these energies to amplify a very positive, protective and powerful magnetic structure.

Channeling Emotion Through The Spine And Clearing Depression

Download a lot of new energy, move your will into your intuitive self and get stuff done.

Release Sorrow To Joy

Alchemize your grief into pure joy in this class with Tej.

Manifesting What You Want

Cultivate receptivity and clear the space for synchronicity, for help unimagined and unearned. This class with Tej will keep you on the prosperity current for quite some time.

Get On A Different Energetic Current

Use simple and effective breath patterns and mantras to get yourself on a different energetic current in this class led by Harijiwan.

The Future Belongs To You

A special class with Harijiwan.

Expand Your Experience

Practice this class with Harijiwan to expand your perspective, experience and joy.