New Moon in Aries | Initiation into Intuition with Desiree Pais – Workshop


New Moon in Aries | Initiation into Intuition

“If you can do this meditation for 11 minutes a day, very soon you will find that you are a changed person…You will start winning yourself. If you start valuing your breath, valuing your environments, and valuing your projection, then one day you will be surprised that everyone, in turn, will value you.” – Yogi Bhajan

Join Desirée Pais for this powerful New Moon in Aries, continuing the Chakric Immersion with a workshop on the 6th Chakra, our Intuition. Intuition is our ability to see and create the future we desire as well as the actions we should take to get there rather than the actions that keep us stuck where we are. And with the fiery energy of Aries combined with the power of Intuition, this workshop will set ablaze your intentions for transformation.