The Art of The Radiant Woman | Activation of the Radiant Body


“One thing every woman should know: SHOW NO INSECURITY. This is the key to royalty.” – Yogi Bhajan

Join Desirée Pais for a two-hour in depth exploration on the Radiant Body. The 10th of the 10 bodies, when activated, it’s as if the Aura, which projects up to 9ft in all directions, is dipped in gold. Not only are you protected with the golden shield but you become absolutely magnetic and have the courage to conquer obstacles. With a strong Radiant Body, everything you need can find you through the powerful wattage of your radiance.

This is a 2 hour workshop exploring the teachings that Yogi Bhajan left behind on how to be a powerful, Radiant, woman in the Aquarian Age.