Aquarian Business Training 2015

Aquarian Business Training 2015


RA MA presents Aquarian Business Training with Guru Jagat, Tej, and a curated team of business experts – a world premiere program on the profound business teachings of Yogi Bhajan,  Aquarian Business Training offers helpful yogic tools for creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and a new generation of leaders to activate success and prosperity in a whole new way.

Aquarian Business Training 2015 includes over 50 hours of programming of yoga, meditation, lecture, and interactive workshops covering the following topics:

  • Foundational principals of Aquarian business
  • Goals and prosperity practices
  • Subconscious sabotage deprogramming
  • Activation of creative energy into tangible result patterns
  • Enduring times of crisis and hardship with grace
  • Grit and ethics
  • Leadership tools for steadfast progress
  • Development of Aquarian Age commerce conditioning

Complete course materials are included as a download with purchase, including yoga sets, meditations, mantras, and more.