Interstellar Star School

Interstellar Star School


Guru Jagat presents Astrology for the Aquarian Age.  Through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the course explores planetary movements, transits, solar and lunar aspects. Learn how to read and interpret natal charts.

Over 15 hours of programming available.  Complete course materials are included as a download with purchase, including yoga sets, meditations, Astrology worksheets, and more.

“Welcome to this Master’s Touch. Let me understand what it means. Anybody first knows what Master’s touch means to you… Now if you want to be touched physically, mentally, spiritually, handily, earthly, star-wise in the rhythm of the astrology, into the projective astrology, in the sensory system as your molecule atom and the projection of the body being and soul, how many worlds you won’t touch?” – Yogi Bhajan, September 22, 2002