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Attend our daily classes and build up your practice. Each day RA MA posts the latest studio class.


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Every week, RA MA TV provides a complementary live experience of a powerful studio class. Feel the vibrancy, receive the transmission, projected around the globe.


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Go deeper, get more, further your practice – with unique workshops that feature teachers, creatives, and experts from a range of artistic, cultural, and spiritual disciplines and studies.


Founded by Guru Jagat in June 2013, RA MA Institute is a gathering place for families, professionals, yogis, meditators, wellness trend setters, and teachers who value the experience of community and contemplative practice. On any given day, in any given class at RA MA Institute, you will find babies, children, grandparents, business people, artists, beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

With the mission to create a crossroads of culture, art, spirituality, health, and intelligent community discourse, RA MA Institute has become a true platform for a new experience of society. Guru Jagat is thrilled to be able to share the profound teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yogi now through the online platform, RA MA TV. RA MA TV continues to grow and expand its offerings to the global community, now reaching 160 countries.


Your Practice

RA MA TV has classes, workshops and trainings tailored to the needs of our time. Use the search function to find a particular yoga set, meditation or mantra. Enjoy a particular class - make it a Favorite to save and watch anytime you want. It’s all about your practice, on your time, wherever you are.


On Your Time

With hundreds of classes ranging from 5 minutes, 15 minutes up to a full 90 minutes - your practice happens on your time. Our weekly Live Streams are powerful opportunities to bring the RA MA community together. Don’t miss our special classes around lunar and solar events like Eclipses, New Moons and Full Moons.


Wherever You Are

Keep up your practice on a business trip, while visiting family, or sneak in a yogic lifestyle workshop at your desk - start your day, get motivated around lunch or release the pressure before you turn down the lights. RA MA TV plays on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.