1. What is included in my monthly membership ?

With a monthly membership you have access to all videos on RA MA TV except for Trainings, Tej Kaur and  Harijiwan classes, Aquarian Relationships content and Pay Per View events. This premium programming is available to purchase a la carte.

2. Do I need to be a member of RA MA TV to watch Premium Content ?

No!  Premium content including Tej Kaur and Harijiwan classes, Aquarian Relationships content, Trainings and our special Pay Per View events are available to purchase a la carte and do not require a monthly membership.

3. Can I watch videos on my phone or tablet ?

Yes! RA MA TV videos may be viewed on all computers, laptops, and tablets. RA MA TV is accessible from all browsers, all that is required is a high speed internet connection.

4. I’ve never done Kundalini Yoga before. Will I be able to do the classes ?

All Kundalini Yoga classes are open to everyone from advanced practitioners to people taking their very first class. If you are new, take it easy and go at your own pace – you will have a deeply personal experience!

5. What do I need to set up at home to take a class ?

All you need is a little space and a yoga mat. Many of the Kundalini Yoga postures and meditations are done in a crossed-leg seated position. If this is uncomfortable we recommend using a meditation cushion, or even sitting in a chair. No props are necessary for Kundalini Yoga classes.

6. I'm pregnant. Can I do the classes ?

Yes, it is incredibly important for you and especially for your baby to participate in class as much as possible prior to giving birth! There are modifications to some movements if you are pregnant, and of course we encourage you to take things slowly and to be a little careful with your practice. Contact us for more information.

7. What is the 120th Day Celebration ?

In the tradition of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the 120th day of a woman’s pregnancy marks the time when the soul enters the body of the child. It is a time of high energy and an opportunity for focused prayer. Celebrate your 120th Day with RA MA by emailing us in advance.

8. Can children take part in the classes too ?

We have children of all ages coming to Kundalini Yoga classes at RA MA, as well as participating online – they really love it! Check out the Family Yoga channel.

9. I am a Veteran. Is it true I can join RA MA TV at no charge ?

Yes! RA MA Institute partners with the non-profit organization Vital Warrior , which offers alternative therapies including Kundalini Yoga to address the unique stresses and traumas of veterans. Email us a copy of your military ID to coordinate your free subscription.

10. How Do I Cancel my Subscription?

  1. Go to “My Account”
  2. Click on “Subscriptions”
  3. Select your Subscription and click “View”
  4. Click “Cancel”

Important: No need to cancel the “Membership”, this will happen automatically when you cancel the “Subscription”.

If you only cancel the “Membership”, the “Subscription” will continue and your card will be charged.


A “Subscription” is a recurring payment that gives you access to certain “Membership” content.


Please email [email protected] if you require assistance.

More Questions ?

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any questions. We are always here to support you with your practice!