GLOBAL GRACE 2019 – 2020


In every way, we as a society, civilization, and planet are being asked to make radical and steep shifts in all aspects of life.

From deep within, the Evolutionary impulse is pressurizing us to become humans who think, act, and know from the pillars of Enlightened Society: Steady Mind, Strong Nervous System, Creative Vision, Impact, and the Genius of Invention.

These experiences are birthed from the borderlands of a Fresh Mind and a Healthy internal system (10 bodies, organs, blood + brain chemistry) and external system (economy, politic, values, environment).

Yogi Bhajan was deeply aware of his mission to train and optimize the creators of the Future—Women—and committed 40 years to delivering the Teachings of self-security, inner and outer beauty, successful relationships, prosperity, creative action, service, and Motherhood on all levels.

He was aware of the shakedown and hangover of the past Age where women’s power and intuition were feared both by the society and ultimately HERSELF.

The results of this institutionalized forgetfulness numbed our sense of connection to ourselves and each other, and allowed us to be pitted against one another, to be crippled by self-hatred, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, disembodiment, sexual and sensual impotency, insecure sexual behavior and choices, and to sell ourselves cheaply to the highest bidder—be it Social Media likes or some other dysfunctional relationship to external validation.


We must commit now on a daily basis to be willing, able, and ready to CREATE a new imprint of FEMININE ARCHETYPES in the cultural and mythological matrix.

This is a self-initiation. It’s time to find yourself outside of cultural conditioning and subconscious self-sabotage programming, so your truest Self and Power can emerge.

And not just for YOU, but for the impact a global group of deep, wise, and secure women can make in a world that NEEDS a new caliber of human dignity to arise. And QUICKLY.

You and We, become literally, agents of revolution. Happiness, Radiance, and Fulfillment are the acts and experiences of the New Revolutionary.

My answer to this call is helping to build a Society of women who have the intelligence, awareness, gentleness, strength and sophistication to live this knowing and put it into right action on a momentary basis.

A society of women who are deeply engaged in their own and each other’s transformation and leadership.

Our Society is the Women of Immense Grace.

This year’s experience is already accelerating my personal growth and I am so, so excited to share this Journey with you.

The IMMENSE experience of awakening and self-beauty begins now.

Love and Sat Nam,
Guru Jagat