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Angelic Breath Healing – Jesus

Date: December 12, 2015
Duration: 1:58:01

Madeline Giles guides the group through breathwork and relaxation, calling in the Christ consciousness.

About Jesus Christ:
Jesus Christ is a non-denominational ascended master who devoted his life to healing and serving others through the power of unconditional Love. ChristÕs mission was supported and fulfilled thanks to his beloved community, the Essenes, who spent hundreds of years preparing for his Earth incarnation and ensuring he received the intense spiritual initiations necessary to fulfill his destiny. During JesusÕ public ministry, he was supported by 12 male disciples and 12 female disciples, and on the auspicious portal day 12/12, we have a very special opportunity to experientially explore JesusÕ true teachings and reactivate masculine/feminine balance within.

About Madeline:
Madeline Giles is a teacher and spiritual mentor. She founded Angelic Breath Healing as a modern practice for people seeking happiness, healing and true fulfillment with the help of their Angels. MadelineÕs mission is to pioneer a pathway where every person easily communicates + acts upon the guidance of their Angels. Madeline has led hundreds of people through Angelic Breath Healing and currently teaches regular {and often sold out!} classes in Los Angeles and around the world. After sharing Angelic Breath Healing with people, Madeline frequently hears things like, Òthat was the most powerful experience of my life!Ó and ÒIÕve done years of healing, but nothing impacted me like this class!Ó MadelineÕs virtual classes are available on Ra Ma TV and she is currently creating a card deck highlighting ways to experientially connect with angels through breath. A former writer for NYLON Magazine, Madeline holds a degree in Journalism from Arizona State and received her MasterÕs Degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica. She lives in Venice, California. For more information, please visit