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Jane Kifer Feng Shui Workshop

Date:October 24, 2015

RA MA presents: An Intro to Feng Shui with our own Director of Operations FENG SHUI MASTER, Jane Kifer. “The BTB lineage I practice is a deep rooted blend of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian practices.” -Jane Kifer

Learn Feng Shui Basics:
-Ancient Chinese art of placement and living in harmony with your environment.
-Discuss the flow of “CHI” or life energy. Explore how it rushes and gets blocked.
-Work with the TAO, YING/YANG and the five elements that are the basis for every relationship between people and objects.
-Learn the Bagua or Feng Shui map and apply to your home, office, bedroom or altar.
-Discover where to put your bed, best place for a stove, a toilet, a desk.
-What to do with clutter, an air-conditioner, beams, columns and doorways that line up.