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New Moon In Aquarius Solar Eclipse Special Class with Guru Jagat

Date: February 15, 2018
Duration: 01:35:44
Lunar Cycle

“High & bright & fine & ice…” – Darcie Dennigan

On this solar eclipse / new moon in Aquarius, practice Aquarian Age values & magnetization. The Muggle way of relating to major (or minor) celestial events is to feel shooketh; one is swayed by them rather than co-participating. As yogis, we harness the power of eclipses & new moons to magnetize & metabolize new or unsung energies in our subtle & otherwise bodies.

”Ik tara” refers to the star body of the human…we are ‘heavenly bodies’ just as the stars, sun & moon. Installing a new archetype of embodied, empowered nuclear power into the mainframe of this heavenly self.

Doing so liberates yourself & 15 generations of your family.

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