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Eclipse Season

Date: July 10, 2018
Duration: 1:29:08
Lunar Cycle

Eclipse Season is upon us, with a cluster of three eclipses coming up soon.  This class explains the significance of such events, and gives some insight into the major players: the Sun, Moon and Earth, as well as some important planet and star involvement.

With three Eclipses in a row, this is a period of powerful energy that can produce effects lasting up to six months with waves of energy coming through.  This discussion gives you the ability to surf those waves consciously rather than being washed away by them.  And provides some tools to help you navigate the season.

To that end, our class helps us remove things that may be holding us back from our own fluidity.  Our kriya set will work through body blocks, and with the first eclipse bring up some fear energies, we do a meditation that helps remove our fear of the future.

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