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Word! – Prosperity, Power & Projection

Date:June 14, 2018

The continuation of our mantra series delves into the mantras we use to attract Prosperity, activate our Power and to Project our intentions out into the world:  Lakshman, Gobinday Mukanday, Har Har Har Har Gobinday and Ajai Alai.

We’ll get active with a fun set in which we experience our strength, followed by a beautiful meditation for the warrior self that describes the characteristics of the divine.

(True also discusses some of the confusing side effects of spiritual “awakenings”, and the potential lack of understanding from the medical community in response.  She has extensive personal experience in this area and offers counseling for those who find themselves facing the sometimes disconcerting effects of an “awakening”.  Please reach out to her via RA MA if she can be of help.)


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