Deconstructing the Cosmic Laws of Success and Radiant Body Technology For Explosive and Consistent Success In The Aquarian Age

Aquarian Business Academy is designed to take someone who’s hit a success barrier to a level of legacy, fulfillment and true success. In this four-day crash course, Guru Jagat breaks down the alchemical prosperity, business and success teachings of Yogi Bhajan, followed by yogic practice to change your whole inflow and outflow experience.

“If you understand what I’m going to explain to you, you will understand that the cycle of success is a very cosmic theory.” — Yogi Bhajan

Aquarian Business Academy 2018

Aquarian Business Academy 2018


Aquarian Business Academy 2018 - 3 Month Payment Plan

$200.00 / month for 3 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee

This training will be Livestreamed from 9am to 6pm PST May 3rd – 6th 2018.

If you are not able to participate in the live viewing, each module of the course will be filmed and uploaded to a gallery for you to view whenever and as often as you wish.


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