Global Grace 2017


The Intensive, Life Changing Women’s Program with Guru Jagat


Covering Sex, Money, Career, Love, Body Image, Relationship, Motherhood, Prosperity, and Aging Gracefully from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan
  • 2 Virtual Retreats
  • 4 Virtual Venice Weekends
  • Monthly Group Calls & Office Hours
  • Global Community
  • Full Access to the Virtual Grace Portal on RA MA TV
  • All classes are uploaded to video gallery for you to watch at your convenience
Immense Grace is an Intensive Global Women’s Training Program to take you on a journey of self-discovery and unyielding self-reverence. This is a life-changing opportunity for empowerment, self-development and self-understanding — you will upgrade every facet of your physical, spiritual, emotional and material life.


This is a new model of experiential education to help you tap into new depths of creativity, purpose and unshakable power. Each month will be a new rigorous challenge of your mind and body.


Immense Grace is about creating a new society of women with intelligence, awareness and sophistication. From incredible weight loss, major job opportunities, to new marriages and more — doing the Immense Grace training year after year continues to upgrade and deliver the deepest and wildest imaginings of a life well lived.



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Global Grace 2017

Global Grace 2017 - Complete Training